What Are Track Day Flags And What Do They Mean?

What Are Track Day Flags And What Do They Mean?

It is important to understand what the flags mean because it is the only way the marshals can communicate with you.  They keep you informed of any situation that has changed and make sure every rider is safe.

1. Green Flag – This flag means what you are thinking it means – everything is A-OK.  Have fun and keep riding until something changes.

2. Yellow Flag – Danger ahead! Slow down and do not pass other riders. Wait for the green flag to return back to normal.

3. Red Flag – WATCH OUT and get off the track.  There is something on the track or an accident or incident that has or has a high probability of affecting you or other riders.

4. Black Flag – Either there is something wrong with your bike that the marshall notices or you are driving or behaving inappropriately.  You do not want to cause danger to yourself or someone else on the track. Ge to the pit immediately.

5. Red & Yellow Striped – The track has rain, or some kind of fluid on it. Be on the look out and slow down.

6. Checkered Flag – This flag means return to the pits – your session is over.


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Author: Mia