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  • Motorcycle Swap Meet in Long Beach, CA

    The So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet is located in Long Beach, CA the Veteran’s Stadium every month. It has the largest number of attendees in all of the U.S. There are hundreds of vendors and thousands of bikes for show and for sale. You will Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Long Beach, CAfind any and all brands at this event. Doesn’t matter if you are rider or collector – you will love coming here. You will see: Harley, Cruisers, Euro, Vintage, Off-Road, Japanese, Race, British, and Choppers. Everyone one is here to show, sell, buy, trade and talk about motorcycle parts and accessories. There are professional shops as well as manufacturers liquidating inventory. Great place to find amazing deals on hard to find parts and accessories. The hours are 7-1 and it is $10 to park.

    The Bike Corral

    This is a parking area where you go to sell or show your motorcycle. It is for running bikes and complete bikes.  No trucks allowed and no parts sales of any kind.


    Are you a vendor and want to turn old parts into cash? Or maybe you need to clear out your garage or shop. Good news! Anyone at the  So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet can be a vendor to sell or display motorcycle parts, accessories and services.

    July 10, 2016 – High-Pro Swap Meet 

    If you are also a muscle car or hot rod enthusiast, you may want to stop by this Swap Meet.  It takes place at the same venue in Long Beach, CA as above. The Long Beach Swap Meet has been on shows like: Popular Hot Rodding, Monster Garage, and NHRA Drag Racing Today.

    Motorcycle swap meets take place all over the U.S. in many cities.  If you are on vacation or traveling for any other reason you may want to check out the local swap meets and shows in the local area. There are also the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows that are held all over the U.S.  It was held in Long Beach in 2011/2012 and was a breath of fresh air after a few years of low sales before that.

    If you interested in local riding groups this is a great place to hook up with a group that knows the area and can take you on a cool ride.  Always remember while riding rules are pretty similar across all most groups – there will be some difference.  Be sure to ask what the rules are before you actually go on a local ride.



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