• Feel Like A Race Car Driver in Miami

    If you are looking for a place to go to get track time in Miami and fill you dream of driving a Ferrari or Lambo – check out Miami Exotic Auto Racing.  It’s a fun way to feel like a professional driver.  You are welcomed by your very own pit crew!  Don’t worry you don’t have to be a professional driver before you sign up.  The staff will teach you everything you need to know.  It is a safe and fun way to make your fast and furious dreams come true.

    Why not ride in style to and from the track in a limo from www.lushmiamilimo.com! You won’t want to get behind the wheel of an ordinary car after that experience.  Let someone else drive you to your next destination.

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  • Motorcycle Swap Meet in Long Beach, CA

    The So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet is located in Long Beach, CA the Veteran’s Stadium every month. It has the largest number of attendees in all of the U.S. There are hundreds of vendors and thousands of bikes for show and for sale. You will Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Long Beach, CAfind any and all brands at this event. Doesn’t matter if you are rider or collector – you will love coming here. You will see: Harley, Cruisers, Euro, Vintage, Off-Road, Japanese, Race, British, and Choppers. Everyone one is here to show, sell, buy, trade and talk about motorcycle parts and accessories. There are professional shops as well as manufacturers liquidating inventory. Great place to find amazing deals on hard to find parts and accessories. The hours are 7-1 and it is $10 to park.

    The Bike Corral

    This is a parking area where you go to sell or show your motorcycle. It is for running bikes and complete bikes.  No trucks allowed and no parts sales of any kind.


    Are you a vendor and want to turn old parts into cash? Or maybe you need to clear out your garage or shop. Good news! Anyone at the  So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet can be a vendor to sell or display motorcycle parts, accessories and services.

    July 10, 2016 – High-Pro Swap Meet 

    If you are also a muscle car or hot rod enthusiast, you may want to stop by this Swap Meet.  It takes place at the same venue in Long Beach, CA as above. The Long Beach Swap Meet has been on shows like: Popular Hot Rodding, Monster Garage, and NHRA Drag Racing Today.

    Motorcycle swap meets take place all over the U.S. in many cities.  If you are on vacation or traveling for any other reason you may want to check out the local swap meets and shows in the local area. There are also the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows that are held all over the U.S.  It was held in Long Beach in 2011/2012 and was a breath of fresh air after a few years of low sales before that.

    If you interested in local riding groups this is a great place to hook up with a group that knows the area and can take you on a cool ride.  Always remember while riding rules are pretty similar across all most groups – there will be some difference.  Be sure to ask what the rules are before you actually go on a local ride.



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  • The World of Drag Racing

    unnamedDrag racing came to be a sanctioned sporting activity back in the 1950’s, and has stayed preferred ever since. The Net offers a superb, reliable interpretation that reads as follows: “Drag racing is a form of auto racing in which cars or bikes attempt to finish a relatively brief, straight and level training course in the quickest amount of time. Drag racing originated in the United States and is still the most preferred there. One of the most typical range is one quarter of a mile, although one eighth of a mile tracks are also prominent, particularly in the southeastern United States.”.

    While lots of people believe that drag racing is a prominent sport only in the USA, there many other countries where drag racing has rather a follower base. These nations consist of Canada, South Africa, Mexico, Malta, Australia, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, Greece, England, the Caribbean, as well as many Scandinavian and also European countries. At any kind of offered time, there are approximately 325 drag racing strips completely functional around the world.

    Drag racing is essentially two cars competing against each other down a straight track to see who can cross the finish line initially. Considering that there are no hair pin turns involved, this could seem like a simple accomplishment, nevertheless, the motorist has to have the ability to have fast response times and be able to deal with the car efficiently. On top of that, the car must be tuned to near perfection and operate well under severe situations.

    While many individuals are content to merely carry their dragster down to the regional track every Saturday night and compete for bragging rights and prizes, there are numerous nuisance racers that take drag racing seriously and attend sanctioned occasions to compete for large titles and also huge cash.

    In expert drag racing, there are just 5 main categories, and these consist of Top Energy, Funny Car, Pro Modified, Pro Stock, as well as Pro Stock Bike. In the upper racing divisions, dragsters can get to speeds of as much as 330 miles an hr! This suggests that a car carrying out at this rate of speed might take a trip the range of a quarter mile track in a plain 4.45 seconds. If you have actually never witnessed this personally, it is a remarkable view to lay eyes on.

    Drag racing has actually turned into a multi-million-dollar company; with companies spending for ad area on the race cars, and race promoters trying to get television and radio time, drag racing is enjoying large exposure. If you have yet to be subjected to drag racing, grab the household or a couple of good friends and get down to your closest racetrack! A night of drag racing will certainly afford the whole household a wonderful time, in addition to a distinct experience.

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  • Welcome to NASCAR

    Bill France Sr., on February 21, 1948, established National Association for Stock Car Racing. At first, it was split in 3 departments: Modifieds, Roadsters and also Strictly Stock. Back then, NASCAR racing was quite popular in The U.S.A.. It is continuing to grow numbers of fans everyday. Basically NASCAR is an organization that arranges various kinds of racing throughout the country.

    110815-8-NASCAR-Sprint-Cup-Series-AAA-Texas-500-OB-PI.vresize.1200.675.high.93National Association for Stock Car Racing runs 3 leading racing series: NEXTEL Mug Series, Busch Series, as well as Craftsman truck Series. On June 19, 1949, the very first auto race held in the section ‘Strictly Stock’ and Jim Roper was champion of that race. Presently most of us know this division as NEXTEL Mug Series. From recently, some popular NASCAR vehicle drivers are Dale Earnhardt, Darrell Waltrip, and also Bobby Allison. Every one of them were recognized for their open wheel racing tasks.

    All the time NASCAR complies with specific policies in the area of automobile building. Super-speedway and the Short-track are the two essential sorts of NASCAR automobiles. As the name suggests ‘super-speedway autos’ are for incredibly fast speedways such as Alabama’s Talladega while ‘short-track autos’ are for short track raceways like Tennessee’s Bristol Motor Speedway. Super-speedway cars call for even more speed compared to short-track cars.

    There is a factor system to select a champion in NASCAR auto racing. Motorists could additionally obtain reward points if they’re leading by one lap of the race. After 36 races, the driver with greatest racked up points is the victor of the racing series. If there is a connection between 2 motorists then the victor is declared by counting most wins as the cup champion. In case two motorists obtain equal variety of victories after that there is system of stating second-place victories, third-place success and so on. This is done until the last winner is declared.

    The visitors could also appreciate car race thrills by resting in the vehicles at Daytona USA, which is a fun fair, located at Daytona Beach, Florida. It is funded by National Association for Stock Car Racing. Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and also Jimmie Johnson are significantly famous drivers in NASCAR vehicle racing today.

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  • Speedways in South Orange County

    Our family is really into motor and sports racing of all sorts. So my husband took our son to the Speedway in Costa Mesa, CA. The speedway is an offroad motorcross event where they ride a special type of 500cc motorcycle that is capable of going from zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds. This racing event is considered one of Orange County’s best kept secrets and was the first location to hold the national championships back in 1969.

    My son said it was one of the most exciting events he has ever been to and now wants to race his bike too. As a mother, I always get a tad scared of injuries but if he wants to race, I will definitely support that. So, of course, I had to tag along the next time they went. I didn’t really expect to enjoy it but to my surprise, I loved it. The racing was so fast; I was never bored. The event also had freestyle jumpers, chopper races and some other wild racing.  It is definitely worth attending at least once in your life.

    My son is hooked and now he and my husband will be off on racing weekends for as long as they live! Maybe I’ll learn how to ride one of these? Stay tuned….

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  • Track Time in Southern California

    So, what do you get a guy who has everything.  My husband’s birthday was rolling around and I was once again daydreaming what wonderful thing I could come up with this year.  One of my friends suggested the Exotic Racing School in Los Angeles.

    What man doesn’t want an adventure driving a fast car?  I called them and what do you know they had gift certificates.  I picked a package that would allow him to drive any car in their fleet.  Porsche 991 GT3, the Ferrari 458 Italia, Lambo, Corvette ZO6, and more.

    The day came and he had the time of his life. He received instructions from pro races so he would know just how to drive each car like it was supposed to be driven. I would recommend this gift to anyone.

    What a fun day!  Until….. we got home.  I had just gotten new carpet put in the house about 6 months ago.  I was grabbing everything from the car and noticed little footprints all over my carpet when I got home. I was so upset!  My daughter had gotten into something at the track and now it was all over my new carpet.  Thank goodness I found Laguna Niguel Carpet Cleaning Service. They came right away. Explained exactly how they were going to get the stains out and they did.

    So glad that our dirty carpets didn’t ruin my husband’s fabulous day at the track.



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  • What Are Track Day Flags And What Do They Mean?

    It is important to understand what the flags mean because it is the only way the marshals can communicate with you.  They keep you informed of any situation that has changed and make sure every rider is safe.

    1. Green Flag – This flag means what you are thinking it means – everything is A-OK.  Have fun and keep riding until something changes.

    2. Yellow Flag – Danger ahead! Slow down and do not pass other riders. Wait for the green flag to return back to normal.

    3. Red Flag – WATCH OUT and get off the track.  There is something on the track or an accident or incident that has or has a high probability of affecting you or other riders.

    4. Black Flag – Either there is something wrong with your bike that the marshall notices or you are driving or behaving inappropriately.  You do not want to cause danger to yourself or someone else on the track. Ge to the pit immediately.

    5. Red & Yellow Striped – The track has rain, or some kind of fluid on it. Be on the look out and slow down.

    6. Checkered Flag – This flag means return to the pits – your session is over.


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  • Racing Vs. Track Day

    Many people will not attend a track day because they think it is a race.  It isn’t a race.  It is a way for you to spent time becoming a better rider.  It is a safe place to ride – who wants to get speeding tickets and points on your insurance or risk getting in an accident because most drivers do not pay attention to motorcycle riders.

    Most places offer classes so you can be coached if you ask for it.  You can do as fast as you want to go – that means as fast or as slow as you want. Track time is for the novice and the guru.

    Why try a track day?

    • Safest place to ride
    • Best place to refine your skills (braking and cornering)
    • A great place to meet new friends who are like you…into ridingl

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  • Welcome to Cascade Track time

    Welcome to Cascade Tracktime blog!

    We are experienced instructors and riders writing about track time and were to go to get track time.

    Please contact us HERE.

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